After dinner, treat yourself to an irresistible gourmet dessert. Whatever sweet indulgence you select, you’ll be glad you saved room. At Bullgrill's you will experience a wide variety of mouth watering desserts, served à la carte.
The menu includes jewels like:
  • Brazilian Steakhouse in Tampa -

    Petite Gateaux – French for "little cake" A chocoholics’ favorite! A Belgian chocolate cake topped with warm chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Bullgrill Steakhouse in Tampa

    Crème de Papaya – Currently very popular in Brazil, this is a great option for those looking for something lush and soft. Comes topped with Cassis Liquor and served with Cassis Sorbet.


  • Mousse de Maracujá - Or “passion fruit mousse”, this merger of heavy cream and milk all combined with imported Passion fruit juice, is a favorite amongst Brazilians.

  • Pudim de leite - Flan Bullgrill Steakhouse in Tampa

    Pudin – Considered “the upscale custard”, this combination of milk and eggs topped with a caramel sauce. Surely a treat to be savored whenever the opportunity should arise!